Jenny Starzetz, Kinity's founder

Jenny Starzetz

Founder and CEO of Kinity

Our Story

In February 2023, Kinity sprang to life, not just as a business but as a testament to a deeply personal experience of our founder, Jenny Starzetz. She recognized that, even in absence, people live on in stories - they have the power to bridge gaps, heal distances, and intimately connect souls.

Embracing this vision, by November 2023, Kinity became a part of the UCL Innovation and Enterprise Hub to further nurture and expand this heartfelt mission.

At the heart of Kinity is a profound belief: that stories are timeless bridges, carrying legacies and ensuring that our loved ones remain vividly present in our lives. Drawing inspiration from Jenny's personal journey, we are on a mission to redefine how families connect, ensuring that memories aren't just preserved, but are relived and celebrated.

Join us in this journey where picture books breathe life into memories.